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In modernize technical world there may available lots of same categories software products. It may be good in given features, interface etc. But all these products work in their own existing way. That may not be fully required for your organization. In that case, either you have to compromise with your requirements i.e. you have to choose those existing software products or you should choose customized software product which will be developed or designed as per your actual requirements i.e. software has to be compromised with your requirements. It´s time to choose which one is the best for you. If you select the later one, then we will be there to support your decision; understand your requirements and suggest you the best way of implementation.

Ashtik gives shape to the ideas, concepts of the clients. .NET development platform emanates varied technologies that give us a wide scope to maneuver our skills to develop credible solutions. Utilizing the .NET platform we hone the needed skills, talent and experience that enable us to create vivid, robust and highly secured software´s. Due to this .NET development is usually preferred for creating large, complex and heterogeneous solutions.

Our Services in Microsoft .NET

  • Custom Application Development for web, desktop and mobile
  • Stand alone Desktop Application
  • Network based client-server application
  • Web based Application
  • Enterprise Application
  • CRM & ERP System
  • Cloud Computing
  • Application Re-engineering & Customization
  • Application Integration with 3rd-party systems
  • Application Migration & Upgrade
  • Ecommerce Solutions Development
  • Application Maintenance & Support

With years of experience in building applications based on the Microsoft platform, our customized .Net solutions can really give your business a boost. Guaranteed business energizers, our Dot Net solutions come packed with:

  • Tried, tested, optimal technologies
  • Detailed specifications for a project
  • Prototype and demo versions
  • System planning (for selection of architecture, creation of interaction protocols and technical specifications for separate modules, etc)
  • System implementation (creation of specifications for system modules, coding, QA)
  • Project documentation (for system architecture and protocols description, source code detailed description etc.)
  • End-user documentation (Users Manual, Troubleshooting, Installation Guide, etc)
  • Support (implementation of extra features, source code consulting, etc.)

Other Technologies we use

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