College Automation System C A S Manage Your Institute More Efficiently

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How it would sound to you if you have software that manages the system and processes of your educational institute? Cool, isn´t it? It´s the time to think about implementation, up gradation of your system. CAS is the best management information system to manage school and colleges, you can just relax. CAS takes all your tired some job on own system as a friend. CAS solves two biggest problems encountered in the market today-

Customizable System: Every education institute has own rules and regulation for managing their institute. The system or processes have undergone constant up gradation time to time. As a result they have different processes. CAS has solution for easy plug-in new module without altering main source code. You have the freedom to customize the education management software, the way you want.

Easy to Use: To CAS, all level of users is expert user. Without basic knowledge of pc handling no extra knowledge is required for access CAS. CAS offers easy User Interface and only 3 hours training can make a user as an expert one. Training provided by ASHTIK and one year full support make a user happy one.

Core Modules

  • Courses & Batches
  • Multiple Syllabus
  • Student Admission
  • Student Registration
  • Student Information
  • Student Attendance
  • Exam Schedule
  • Activity Alert
  • Internal Exam Result
  • Semester Exam Result
  • Single Student Result
  • Group wise Student Result
  • Back Log & Year Lack
  • Pass Out Student
  • Drop Out Student
  • User Account
  • User Login
  • Data Management
  • Custom Import
  • Custom Export
  • Query Based Records
  • Customize Report Generation
  • Backup & Restore
  • Various Theme Management in User Respect



C A SBasic

As low as

  1,500/- per user

  • 5 users
  • Includes all core modules
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited courses & batches
  • Unlimited syllebus
  • No hidden price
  • 24X7 Support



C A SStandard

As low as

  1,000/- per user

  • 15 users
  • Includes all core modules
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited courses & batches
  • Unlimited syllebus
  • No hidden price
  • 24X7 Support



C A SProfessional

As low as

  750/- per user

  • 30 users
  • Includes all core modules
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited courses & batches
  • Unlimited syllebus
  • No hidden price
  • 24X7 Support

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101 Reasons
to 'Why C A S'

Use in any Educational Institute
Use CAS in any kind of educational Institute- school, Universities, colleges and training centres
Manage Batches and Courses
You can easily manage a number of batches and courses, department within the same installation of CAS
Multiple Syllabus Facility
You can easily manage multiple syllabus for every courses
Auto Generated Unique ID
System take own responsibility to generate every unique key for all
Admission Ready
India first time amazing admission process provided by CAS
Multiple Student Admission
Multiple student get admission at the same time
Students Self Admission
Students can take own admission with authorize permission
Capture Photo at Admission Time
Instant capturing students photo & documents at the admission time
Upload Student Previous Records
Easy uploading facility of student documents & photo
Marks Auto Convert to the % cent
Previous educational marks auto store as a % by system to judge students equally
Approved Copy of Admission
Printed copy of student admission
Print Copy of Student Contact Details
Easily get batch wise student contact details with students signature
Auto Generated Identity Card
Well formatted standard student Identity card design
Single Click Batch Wise I-card Generate
Authorize Signature on Identity Card
Mother Table for Store Authorize Signature
Keep Records of Student Registration
Auto store facility of student registration records
Subject Wise Attendance
Subject wise student attendance store in database
Smart Attendance
System take attendance from class room and Integrate attendance module with external devices
Exam Management
Manage examination of your educational Institute most efficiently.
Flexibility on Exam Schedule Creation
Select subject code or subject name, other one is auto putted in the field. If you give starting time of exam, ending time will be auto putted by system
Print Exam Schedule with Suitable Title & Authorize Signature
Admit, Result, Certificate Withdrawing Alert
Auto Store Document Withdrawing Records
System automatically store document withdrawing records like withdrawing date, time etc
Internal Result Management
Store Students Internal Results Record
Semester Result Management
Manage efficiently student semester results
Internal & Semester Results Calculation
Results auto calculate by system as per University rules
Auto Calculate Group of Student Exam Result
Backlog & Year Lack Auto Management
CAS auto identify back log ⁄ Syear lack students without users single interaction
Batch Wise Display Back Log ¸ Year Lack Student
When you have a lot of users changing data, it's easy for things to go wrong. But if you keep an audit trail of data input changes, you'll be able to determine which operators are consistently making mistakes (or not).
Auto Store Cause for Back Log ⁄ Year Lack
Auto store and display cause for student back lack ⁄ year lack
Auto Updates Student Exam Result(for back log & year lack)
Each time system automatically update current status of student exam without users interaction
Single Students Exam Records
Display all previous exam result records for a particular student
Group of Students Exam Records
Display batch wise students exam record
Drop Out Management
CAS Store records of the student who leave the study in the middle of the session
Pass Out Management
System automatically transfer a student in pass out box if they are successfully completed the course
Current Occupation, Contact Records of Pass Out Student
CAS manage all current records of pass out students
Quarry Based Records
Any kind of users quarry has been support by the system
Customize Report Generation
Report can be generated with the users specific field
Display Name & Image of Current User
System show logged in users name with image
Ashtik Provide Full Support For a Full Session
Any time any where Ashtik provide full support
Future Enhances
More features can be enhance as per customer requirement
User Friendly
This well-planned system is made as per user requirement so that it is easy understandable to the users, feasible to current environment and successfully implemented in practical working premises
Easy to Access
Every feature is synchronizing as a way in the system that will make interested to access every user for working
Client-Server Based
Being a completed client- server based enterprise software its access, resources, and data security controlled through the server. On top of that all components(client, network, servers) work together
Customization Ready
When you have your requirement different from what CAS offers? No worries. any element can be upgraded when needed and new technology can be easily integrated into the system
One Click Installation
Easy and quick CAS installation
Intellectual Implementation
In CAS system lots of logic are implemented and it only known to the users at the access time
Your Data, Your Server
All data will be store securely in your own server in your own premises
Plug-In Friendly
CAS is plug-in friendly and allows you to activate or deactivate various plug-ins to suit your needs. You can also develop your own plug-ins if you want
Customizable Working Environment
Customise your working environment using CAS features
Addictive Features
Student, personnel, admin of your institution will love to use CAS for their daily activities
24/7 Support
Team Ashtik is there to offer support 24⁄7 to ease out any problem you encounter or answer back any question you have about CAS system
Database Secured With Password And Encryption
CAS Provides A High Secured Database
Any Time Any Quarry Support
User can run ⁄ save any kind of quarries related to the system
Cost Effective
Ashtik always keeps their target on efficiency of product and never compromises with quality and services. Ashtik product cost only depends on its product quality
Iconic User Interface
One of the friendly features of CAS is the beautiful and non-confusing iconic interface for users
Work Faster With Keyboard Shortcuts
it‘s easier and gets your job done faster
3∼Level Access Privileges
This mechanisms provide information security and to protect data and functionality from faults
Display Filtered Features
Unauthorized access module hidden from users to remove unnecessary confusion
Secured Places Restricted By Admin
User can take their major decision but in restricted places system required admin permission to execute decision
Good User Interface
An easier to use interface enables users to learn the system quickly and use it efficiently
Become A Paper-Less Organization
Not only is a paperless organisation more eco-friendly, but it also benefits in increased organisational efficiency (reduce searching time), visibility and enables you to abide to compliance
Data Import & Export
Single click Custom data import tools available for easy migration from your existing software and export facility also added in this system
Data Conversion into Various File Format
Data import & export in various file format, like- excel, pdf, word etc.
Data Entry Checking
System will check correctness of users entered data for every field of the system
Error Indicator
System will indicate for every users wrong input
Most Fields are Option or Check Buttons
CAS provide comfortable features for users to time saving, error avoiding and easy understanding
Same Group of Data Organize by Mother Table
To increase the user flexibility same group of data can be added in the mother table
Save Time
Save your time from searching data
Users Access Tracking
When you have a lot of users changing data, it's easy for things to go wrong. But if you keep an audit trail of data input changes, you'll be able to determine which operators are consistently making mistakes (or not).
Machine Access Tracking
Track users log-in log-out time with date and machine IP address.
System Guide You as a Friend
System provide information in every step what you have to do
Access without Mouse Touching
Expert user can save time from mouse search, move and click
Generic Searching
Any records you can search in any way which is come in your mind
Customize Filtering Records
You can use custom AutoFilter to display rows that meet more than one condition for a column;
Printing Facility On Searched ⁄ Filtered Records
print your desire records with suitable record title and authorized signature field
Custom Report Generation
Generate customise report
Customize Report Title
Give suitable report title
Authorized Signature On Printed Report
All data is highly secured. Don´t worry about any crucial information being stolen. CAS protect your data
Single Click Backup & Restore
Easy data backup & restore facility
Secure Password Management
Easy recovery of lost password or change your password for complete security
CAS Entertainment
CAS contain lot of attractive working feature which make you energetic
Choose Theme
Choose your desktop them for your own user account
Turn on Calendar & Calculator
You can bring on⁄off calendar & calculator on CAS home screen
Graphical Reports
CAS, The One Stop Solution for Efficient Organization
No Unnecessary Features
CAS contain no unnecessary features which will never be used in real time or may make confusion to the user
Multi Users Access
System can be used simultaneously at the same time without any inconsistency
Scroll Own Institution Name
Digital scrolling of your Institution name
Cloud Computing
line CAS is Ultimate Solution